Angel Readings / Intuitive Counseling


What is an Angel Reading?

Before, during and after your reading I work with the angels to intuit what you need to know to move forward in your life for your highest good.  An Angel Reading is similar to a psychic reading, but instead of using traditional tarot cards, I use Angel Oracle cards or Angel Tarot cards and I intentionally ONLY bring in messages from the angelic realm.   The angels often highlight things you may need to work on or heal for your highest good and will often gently encourage you to move in a different direction if you’re headed down the “wrong” path.  They’ll also cheer you on if you’re on track!  The angels are here to help you with love and kindness, but remember, you are always in charge of your life!

What makes my readings different?

Because I’m an Intuitive Life Coach and also have a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, I take a spiritual counseling approach to my readings.  I find this to be much more valuable to my clients than just “predicting the future.”  Yes, we all want to know the future, and if it comes through in the reading I will definitely tell you, but remember: the future is always changing and we’re constantly co-creating it with our thoughts, actions, and choices in every moment.  Therefore, with the help of the angels, I’ll intuit what you can do (or how you can be) in this moment to make your life the best and most enjoyable for you.

What type of guidance can I give you?

I specialize in relationships, career, life path, and spiritual enlightenment, but if there’s something else you need to know, it will come through.  The angels won’t hold back information that needs to get to you.  They will often NOT give you information too.  They’re funny that way. They love surprises!!  Then again, who doesn’t?

Intuitive Angel Counseling Sessions (90 minutes):

Sometimes just an Angel Reading isn’t enough.  It’s great to get quick guidance and answers to your questions, but I find that most clients want more.  So with the assistance of the angels, I’ll counsel/coach you on whatever topic is coming forward for you.  We’ll come up with action steps for you to take so that you can move forward on your life path with confidence!

Please note: I begin working with you 15 minutes prior to our scheduled appointment.  It’s best for you to also get quiet and mediate for those 15 minutes in order to align yourself with the healing energy of the angels, but not required.  Also, I continue to work with you for 15 minutes after your reading.  Sometimes messages will come through for you and I’ll follow-up with you by email.  In my experience, past clients have reported that the angels continue to heal and work with them for days and even weeks after their session, causing miraculous shifts in their lives.  How cool is that?  Love those angels!


“Christy is a wonderfully gifted angel intuitive!  I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance or to anyone who simply wishes to have the experience of receiving wisdom and personal guidance from the Angelic realm.  The messages and guidance that come through Christy are truly extraordinary and, in my experience, right on.  Christy’s background in Spiritual Psychology, as well as her gifts of intuition, loving presence, joy, and humor, combined with the angels’ guidance, make for a very powerful, fun and enlightening experience.  I always look forward to having a reading with Christy and the angels!” ~Stephanie Frisselle, Animal Communicator

“My reading with Christy has already proven to be one of the top major influences in my life!!  The Angels have been with me all morning; I’ve created a new Sacred Contract between my Mind and my Heart, and will allow the Heart to take over from here as my Mind is safely berthed on the cushioned bay window of my journey; able to watch and enjoy the ride but unable to distract me from my course any further.  I will remain eternally grateful for Christy’s openness and willingness to serve in this way between our Realms!!” Robin DiMeglio, Writer

“The angel card reading I received from Christy was pure magic. I loved the card decks she used and the guidance that came through. It all felt very loving, safe, and accurate. Christy is very intuitive and really listens to her guidance system and the angels in a deep and profound way. She helped me to understand many things that are currently happening in my life. I felt a deep sense of peace from the session and also new clarity, direction, and support. I highly recommend a reading with her as she is truly one of the best guides out there.” – Kate N. – Entrepreneur/Life Coach

“I am writing to give a push to anyone that feels a pull to experience an angel card reading from Christy… DO IT!! I had such an incredible experience. It was a week ago and I am still feeling the rippling reorganization in my consciousness. She is a treasure and her readings are spot on. She is such a safe, hilarious, intuitive, and joy-filled practitioner.” Maura, Chiropractor & Healer

“I just had a reading….I am blown away….amazing…..such helpful information for my personal life and my professional life. Christy is the real deal!!!!!!” Cathey, 

“Christy Jacobs is a gifted reader and healer. I recommend you get your reading as soon as possible!” Georgie, Psychic Reader & Healer

“I had an Angel Card Reading with Christy and it was VERY enlightening (to say the least) and right on the mark for my situation.”  Joy, Certified Archetypal Consultant, Spiritual & Wellness Coach 


One question/email reading: $65

45 minutes: $160.00

60 minutes: $200.00

Angel Intuitive Counseling Session:

90 minutes: $300.00

NEW! 6 Month Angel Intuitive Packages!!!

In order to support you more fully, I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering 6 Month Angel Intuitive Packages!

I would like to invite you into a six month container where the Angels and I hold you in a loving, supportive, long-term embrace. After working with many of you on a regular basis, I’ve found that consistency serves to deepen your experience by building on the guidance that comes through each session. The entire six months, you will feel the supportive energy from myself and the Angels as we hold a loving space for you on your journey.

If your heart squeals with joy over this (or if it just gives you a little knowing smile) please contact me and I will be in touch to schedule your sessions! You can choose either once or twice a month for six months.
Sessions are 60 minutes and can be done over the phone or Skype.

Contact me to purchase and schedule your session!  I can give them via Skype or phone. Both work great!

You can email me at or contact me through this link: