Blog Terms

For those of you who are new to this “Spiritual Development” stuff (no worries, we’ve ALL been there), there’s a world of lingo you might need.  So to make it easier for you, I’ve made a list of the vocab I use in my blog that you use for reference.

1.  God / The Universe — Spirit, Divine Being, Father/Mother God, Goddess, Divine Intelligence, LOVE, HU — all words used to describe a Higher Power. (There are MANY more, of course.)  I use different names at different times, for no good reason, other than they all mean the same thing to me. (And God takes less time to type.)

2.  EGO / Basic Self – Your “Earth” personality — mental, physical, emotional self.  No, not the “I’m hot shit” kinda ego — although that attitude is part of the ego.  Unless it’s your loving higher hot shit self — then it’s your authentic self.  Yeah, try to figure that one out!

3.  Authentic Self / Higher Self – Your all-knowing, all-loving self.  Your soul.  Your spirit self.

4.  Stacker – Anyone/thing/experience that causes you upset, therefore forcing you to “work your process,” release some bad stuff and grow spiritually.  “They” will haunt you till you learn the lesson — so be a good student.

5.  Work Your Process – See Blog post on this, it’s WAY too complicated to put in a definition. Oh yeah, and a life-long “really, I committed to this spiritual growth thing” kinda deal.

6.  LOVE – What you / we are.

7.  Akashic Records – Your “life plan” that your soul agreed to BEFORE coming to Earth.  (If this is too Woo-Woo for you now, come back in a year and see how you feel then.)

8.  Smile — The upturn of your mouth when displaying happiness.  Or the face a baby makes when he/she has gas.

9.  Life Review – When you “transition” back to spirit (when you die), your life review allows you to feel every emotion (good and bad) that you ever made anyone feel.  Yay!  So make people laugh and feel good.  It’s good karma and it’ll make for a much nicer life review.

10.  Karma – What goes around comes around.  The golden rule — “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Or something like that.  I’ve never been good with remembering quotes.  Just know, if you do something bad, it’ll come back and bite you in the ass.  If you do good things — happiness abounds!

11.  Past Lives – Most of us have reincarnated to Earth many times.  Past lives refer to just that — lives you lived before you incarnated in this lifetime.

12.  Internal Guidance System – Your intuition, hunches, gut feeling.  Follow it.  It’ll never let you down.  Well, that’s not entirely true on the “surface” — but you may need to learn a lesson that your internal guidance system will lead you to learn whether “you” want to or not.  Yay for spiritual growth!

13.  NDE – Near Death Experience – “Dying,” re-experiencing what it’s like to be back in spirit form, then coming back to life.

14.  Spirit Guides – Spirits who are assigned to you to help you in this life time.  Some are assigned to you just to get you through a certain period of your life; some are experts in areas you want to learn; some will help you find a parking space.  Ask them for help.  They want to help you!

15.  Guardian Angel — Everyone (whatever religion, whatever you believe) comes to Earth with a guardian angel who stays with us for our entire lifetime.  They’re here to protect us.  You are never alone!  Just remember this the next time you take a shower!! 🙂