The Coaching with the Angels Program

In the Coaching with the Angels Program you’ll —

  • MAP YOUR LIFE so you can see how everything in your life “led” you to this point — your awakening!
  • Identify and reframe LIMITING BELIEFS that have held you back in the past.
  • Introduce Key Concepts of the UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION and the LAW OF ALLOWING.
  • Learn how to raise your vibration, so you can attract more of what you desire.
  • Heal old wounds by using self-forgiveness and applying unconditional loving to the places inside that hurt.
  • Experience how “outer experience is a reflection of inner reality” when you heal yourSELF and your life changes for the better.
  • Learn how to identify BOTH negative and positive projections.  THIS alone will change your life!!
  • Discover what your true HEARTS DESIRE is and GO FOR IT.
  • Learn to quiet your mind and connect with your Higher Self — your Inner Coach.
  • Learn how to write Ideal Scenes and Living Visions so that you can CO-CREATE the life you want.
  • Come up with an easy step by step plan to accomplish your heartfelt goals and make it FUN!
  • Learn to celebrate the little things.  Small successes are still successes and deserve to be acknowledged!
  • Learn basic Feng Shui techniques to energetically balance your home and office.
  • Learn how intentions create your experience and start setting them.
  • Start putting YOURSELF first by practicing self-care.  You can’t be of service to anyone else, unless and until you are whole yourself.  Hey, that rhymes!
  • And if you’re open to it — we can go crazy and I’ll teach you how to ask your Angels and Spirit Guides for assistance.  They want to help you.  Just ask!!

If you feel called to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and you’re READY TO COMMIT — I’d love to help you!

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