Why Coaching with the Angels?

The Coaching with the Angels Program is unique in many ways.  As an Intuitive Life Coach and Angel Card Reader with a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, I take a spiritual counseling approach to my coaching.  I also incorporate Angel Readings into my Coaching.  How cool would it be to receive guidance about your Life Path, Karmic Relationships, Health, and everything else from the Angels?!  This isn’t your typical Life Coaching Program this is focussed on just “doing” and “achieving” on the Goal Line.  We’ll also focus on healing and releasing unconscious blocks that have been holding you back from realizing your heartfelt dreams!

The Angels approach is gentle, loving, yet very powerful.  They want you to abundant, successful, and healthy and to thrive in your life.  But they also lovingly encourage your to forgive and release unhealthy patterns.  When you heal yourSELF, you have so much more to offer the world.  I’ll help you with this!

I not only have a master’s in Spiritual Psychology, but my background is in comedy, so we’ll have fun.  Did you know that laughter raises your vibrational energy and in turn attracts more of what you want?  It’s true!  Because my background is in Comedy — I’ll make your coaching experience FUN.  Forget the seriousness — it’s time to laugh at ourselves and the crazy situations we’ve gotten ourselves in to.  Trust me — tragedy + time = comedy.  If you take a step back and look at your life from a “higher perspective,” you’ll laugh.  And guess what?  Through you’re laughter — YOU’LL HEAL and be able MOVE FORWARD.

The Benefits of Hiring an Intuitive Life Coach

The Coaching with the Angels Program

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