Stand-Up to a New You

From birth, we’ve been creating “who we are” from an ego perspective.  By “ego,” I’m referring to our physical, mental and emotional based reality.  Our experiences, whether they were challenging or nurturing all created a belief system of “who we are.”

Maybe when you were young, your parents introduced you to tennis.  They were avid tennis players, so in order to feel connected to them, you picked up a tennis racket at age three, practiced with them, felt loved and connected, and in turn tennis became a big part of your life.  As time went on, you took on the identity of a “tennis player.”  Or even “a great tennis player.”  But what if your parents played rugby?  Would you then be “a great rugby player”?

Since we once created “who we are,” I wonder, why can’t we do it again?  If all our previous roles are stripped away – leaving simply our divine being, that which is LOVE – can’t we just recreate ourselves any way we’d like?  Think about it – we came into this world as just pure LOVE with no ego to speak of.  We LEARNED how we were supposed to act and who we were “supposed” to be.  We created our roles based on our outward experiences and influences.  So if we did it once, why can’t we do it again?  I mean, come on – if a baby can do it, why can’t we, as adults, do the same thing?

The challenge is that most adults are very attached to “who they are.”  If you ask some adults to step outside this perceived identity, they often say, “Oh, but that’s not me.”  Or “I’m never been good at that.”

We’re so identified with our learned personalities that it seems outrageous to change or even to just give change a chance.  Oftentimes it takes losing it all – your job, relationship and possessions — and coming to what seems to be the end of the world before we even consider stepping out and recreating ourselves.  Let’s face it, it’s much easier to create something from nothing, than to throw out everything you once believed of yourself and start fresh.  It’s the throwing out that is the scariest.  It’s the jumping without knowing there’s a net that gives us nightmares.  But I’m saying, take a moment and ponder – Why wait to lose everything?  How would you recreate yourSELF NOW?

Of course, change starts from within, as “outer experience is a reflection of inner reality.” It’s important to first identify any irrational beliefs you’ve had about yourself, heal them, and reframe who you are — a divine being have a human experience who is loved, supported and worthy — in order to recreate yourSELF.   I used to judge myself as shy, unfunny and invisible — someone who should be the good girl and sit at the back of the class and remain “unseen.”   So I identified these irrational beliefs, healed and reframed them from the inside.  Seriously, what good am I to the world if I’m hiding in the back of my life?

This weekend I’m performing my first stand-up comedy routine.  I’m stepping out onto the edge of what I used to think of myself.  I’m declaring mySELF done with the “outdated” definition of my experience and creating a new confident, SELF-accepting, SELF-loving version of mySELF.   No more hiding in the back of the class.  No more hiding in the back of my life.

I must admit, I’m terrified.  What if I forget my lines and just stand there frozen, terrified, starring blindly into the crowd, sweat pouring from my armpits, my heart pounding out of my chest?  Or worse, what if I faint and fall off the stage?  What if no one laughs???  Although, I’m sure falling off the stage would create an abundance of hilarity – maybe I’ll try that…

Stepping into the unknown is always scary.  So I’m gonna feel the fear and do it anyway.  I’m gonna JUMP and pray that the net appears.  (Oh, please, dear God, please let the net be there!) I feel more supported and loved by friends, family and the Universe than ever before.  But mostly, I’m supporting mySELF in this endeavor, knowing that if I do fall down, I’ll just get back up, brush mySELF off, laugh, and get back onstage again.

So I ask you, if stood up, let go of all your previous beliefs of “who you are” and just trusted, how would you recreate your life?  You can be whoever who want to be, just let go, jump and trust that the net will appear.  The stage is YOURS!

With Love, For the highest good…

xo, Christy Jacobs

4 thoughts on “Stand-Up to a New You

  1. You’re going to be great and you’re going to have a great time. I wish I could be there to enjoy the show. I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it went.

  2. Good for you Christy, I know you will be a hoot!! Your post resonates with me about (in the past) allowing myself to not be seen…it was safe. But not now, in my recreation of who I am, I am standing my my light and shining. I love it!! I use my affirmations all the time to tell myself I’m good at something that in the past my message was that I wasn’t good at it. Love my affirmations! I’ll be sending you lots of love and light for a fabulous and funny performance this weekend!!

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