Count Your Blessings, Set New Intentions and Expect a Miracle!

Now that we’ve showered off all the muck from 2011 (see my previous blog post “It’s the End of the Year: Time to Take a Shower”), it’s time to focus on all the blessings the year brought us.

Sometimes when we’re stuck in the chaos of challenges, it’s easy to overlook all the great things the Universe provided for us along the way.  Even if your year “seemed” hopeless, if you look closely, you’ll see that you were taken care of and provided for the entire time.

Let’s shift our energy to the positive and raise our vibration for the New Year!

To do this, I like to make two lists.  The first list is of all the things that I accomplished, manifested, and experienced during the past year — both good and bad.  Don’t be afraid to write down the “bad” stuff because when you do, I think you’ll find that even the perceived “bad” things, turned out to be “good” in some way.  Like for me — I wrote a TV pilot that didn’t sell this year, but because it didn’t sell I had time to create a website, start writing this blog, perform my first stand-up comedy act, spend quality time with friends and family, run a marathon, do a triathlon and travel the world.  Pretty good trade off, I think.  So instead of focusing on the pilot NOT selling, I’m choosing to focus on the great things I got to experience instead.  Wow — you see, just writing that down makes me feel GREAT!  I highly encourage you to do this…

Now that we’re grateful for the year that’s passed, let’s set ourselves up for a fantastic 2012.  Yesterday, in my chiropractor’s office was a huge sign that read: Expect a Miracle!  Okay, those of you who know me, know that I’m crazy about “signs” from the Universe.  If this wasn’t a “sign” I don’t know what is.  I’ve been getting optimistic signs like rainbows — I’m seeing them EVERYWHERE — and of course, my usual butterflies and dimes.  No, I’m not crazy.  Okay, maybe a little.  But I guess I wasn’t taking the “it’s going to get better” hint, so the Universe had to shout it out to me in the form of an actual ten foot sign in the waiting room of my chiropractor’s office — which by the way, has the motto of “Live Life in Alignment.”  Ha!  So perfect!  Anyway, I’m taking this “sign” seriously.  I’M EXPECTING A MIRACLE!  And so should you.  I’m declaring 2012 as “The Year of Miracles.”  Why not?  It certainly can’t hurt.

So on the theme of miracles, I’m going big and I hope you’ll join me.  Here’s where list number two comes in.  What do you want for yourself in 2012?  Write it down!  Some people like to write a letter to themselves from the future talking about how great 2012 was and everything great that happened.  Doing this makes it feel like it’s already happened and shifts your energy into receiving mode.  In order to manifest — your energy needs to match the energy of the experience you want to manifest.  That’s the real “secret” to The Secret and why some people find it difficult to manifest.  Writing it down as if it’s already happened can help you raise your vibrational energy to match your desire.

Another great thing to do is to write down what you want as intentions.  “My intention for 2012 is to find a loving, supportive relationship.”  or “I am in a loving supportive relationship with the man of my dreams.”  Using the words “I am” again makes it feel as if it is already happening.

For Christmas, my brother gave my mom a homemade herb/vegetable garden kit — complete with seeds, small plants, fertilizer, garden tools and even a wooden planter box that he made with my nephew.  I thought this was the greatest gift ever!  Then I thought, what a fantastic way to set intentions for the New Year.  With each seed you plant, set an intention.  You could even place a small slip of paper with the intention written on it in the soil.  Then, each time you water your plants, and watch them grow, you’ll reinforce your intentions.  Of course, as my mom pointed out: Don’t kill them! 🙂  If you live in a cold climate, you could do this same thing with inside herbs.

Remember to reinforce each intention with “This or something better for the highest good of all concerned.”  You never know — the Universe may be cooking something up for you that’s better than you could’ve imagined!

Let’s all laugh off the challenges of last year, count our blessings (being grateful for the good and the bad), set new intentions– and EXPECT MIRACLES in 2012!

Here’s to a happy, prosperous and love-filled 2012!

With Love, For the highest good…

xo, Christy Jacobs

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