How ’bout them Angels?

No, not the baseball team… but if I tricked some men into reading my blog, mission accomplished!  Now, stick around.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll learn something that’ll impress that hot chick you’ve got your eyes on.
I’m talking about “real” angels.  Now, I put “real” in quotes, because the question of the day is – Do angels really exist?  Or are they just something we hope and pray are around when we feel lost and alone?
This morning I completed my own experiment in working with angels.  My friend had forwarded me an email that gave me the opportunity to work with three angels for an entire week. (Thank you, Marci!) The idea was, she would send me the three angels she’d been working with during the past week.  I was to write out three intentions, light a white candle, and put out a white flower next to an apple on my “Angel Altar.”  The next step was to open my door at 8 am on Sunday morning and welcome them in.
At first I thought this was just another “chain mail” scam trying to get my email address and the addresses of all my friends and family.  And maybe it was (oops! Sorry, friends and family for all the spam!) – but I decided it would be a nice experiment, so I gave it a try.
And boy was I in for a ride!  I was more productive this week than I’ve been in a long time.  I launched two websites, created Screenwriting workshops, booked a room for the workshops, put up fliers, and wrote my first blog—not to mention all the signs I got to encourage me along the way.  People were suddenly VERY helpful, supportive and available to help.  Butterflies flew by, dimes fell from the sky, feathers floated everywhere – okay, you get the point.  All this, in ONE week.  The week also seemed to go on forever.  But not in a bad, “can I please make it to Friday, my life sucks kinda-way.”  It was more like time had stopped, or slowed down so that I could get all this done.  And not only did I accomplish more than I could imagine, I did everything easily, had fun, and was energized the entire time.  It was as if my “inspiration” button was turned up to HIGH and I was on FIRE!
When Sunday morning came around and it was time for me to pass my angels onto three more friends, I freaked out!  Nooo!  I can’t do this without you!  I need you!  Can’t I just keep you here for one more week?  Just one more week, I promise…. Please???
After soothing my anxiety with a tall glass of wine (just kidding, it was WAY too early to drink!),  I realized something.  What if the angels are with us all the time? What if I don’t need someone to give me angels to use for a week – but I have access to them whenever I want?
Now, if you know me at all, you know that I personally subscribe to this theory.  I just forgot in my moment of anxiety.  I’m always talking about how my spirit guides help me find parking spaces and seats at restaurants.  They send me signs and give me guidance all the time.  I’ve come to rely on them.  But this experiment amplified and proved what I already know.  Help is always there for you – you just have to ask!  That’s it.  Just ask.
By lighting a candle, setting out a flower and clearly setting intentions, I put myself in a position to receive help and guidance.  This time, I didn’t take for granted that the angels are always there to help me, but I anticipated their help and when I received it, I THANKED THEM.  Which brings me to the importance of gratitude.  The more grateful I was for their help, the better I felt and the more help I got.  How wonderful!  We all like to be thanked, right?  So why wouldn’t angels?
Now, were there “actual” angels in my house last week?  I can’t prove that.  But I think I can prove the power of intention, the importance of being open to receive and the power of remaining in a state of gratitude.
So even though I sent my angels off this morning to help three of my friends, I’m going to trust that I still have angels with me to help me out whenever I need them.  I’m going to keep lighting a candle, keep setting intentions and most importantly: keep thanking them for all they do.
And with this – I’m sending each and every one of you three angels of your own. Light a candle, put out a white flower, set some intentions, open your door to let them in… and let the magic begin.  I’d love to hear how it all works out.  Oh yeah – and don’t forget to say THANK YOU.  They’re quite sensitive, those angels. They like a little appreciation!
And when you send them off to help others—remember you always have them with you when you need them.  All you have to do is ask…
Here’s to the little miracles in your life!!  Oh, what the heck!  Here’s to the BIG miracles!!
With Love, For the highest good…
xo, Christy Jacobs

2 thoughts on “How ’bout them Angels?

  1. Another great blog Christy! I loved hearing about your experiment that helped amplify what you already know. I so hear you about the angels. They want to help. They want to guide you. They want to be appreciated. “All you have to so is ask …” Well said. Here’s to the BIG miracles in your life!

  2. This Angels “project” really worked for me. The strength, peace and protection I felt was amazing. I want them back! Yes, I will light a new candle. I am open to the highest good. Thank you, Christy.

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