Never Say Good-bye — No really, I mean that… I know where you live, Oprah!

As The Oprah Show comes to a close this week, I took a moment to ponder why she means so much to me and to so many millions of other women around the world.  This was only after I cried, screamed, and held onto her virtual pant leg yelling, “No, Mommy!  Don’t go!”  I say “virtual” because I couldn’t “literally” hang onto her pant leg – as that would be crazy!  I mean, no one has quite figured out how to “go into the TV” and physically assault the ones we love the most – TV celebrities.  But when they do… I’ll get you Oprah!  I mean that with love, of course.
Only after my crying jab, was I centered enough to consider why we love Oprah so much. (You’ve gotta FEEL the emotions, work through them, and release them—that’s what Oprah would say!)  Now there are the obvious reasons for loving her – she’s hot for one!  I mean, we all want to dress like her, eat like her, diet like her, use the same toilet paper as her…  Some might say we want to BE her.  Others might call us a cult.  Come on!  Don’t be ridiculous.  We do worship her.  But with all the Oprah giveaways, the Oprah makeovers, the Oprah clubs– I can’t remember one time when she insisted that I “drink her Cool-aide.”  Wait a minute – there are the Moscow Mules.  And those yummy Pomegranate Martinis… Could that be the Oprah Cool-aide?  If so, I’m in trouble.
Anyway – as I drink my Moscow Mule and watch one of the final episodes of a TV show that inspired me to be a better person, lifted me up when I was down, gifted me with the courage to always live authentically — I ponder, what IS it about her?  There must be something…
(Oprah “ah-ha” moment.)
It’s her shoes!  That’s it.  It must be her shoes.  I love shoes.  She loves shoes.  That must be the connection…
You see, most men I talk to about Oprah seem to think that us women are in love with Oprah for such superficial things as shoes!  Or even crazier: her politics!  The thing that really gets me is when someone (usually a man) who doesn’t even watch her show, criticizes her.  And this is when it hit me. THAT is why I love her!
Because she is a WOMAN.
Not just a female body, a true woman.  She is a powerful, influential woman who is not afraid to be her true authentic self.  She’s not afraid to be nurturing, caring, loving, compassionate, honest AND strong.  She sticks to what she believes in and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.  In short: She has never tried to be a MAN – in this man’s world.
So I understand why that could be frightening to a man.  If this woman (and not JUST a woman, but a BLACK WOMAN who came from nothing) could single-handedly rise up and changed the world, all the while holding onto her femininity – who’s to say that ALL WOMEN can’t do that?
Who’s to say that ALL women can’t rise up, bring peace, love and harmony to this world?  If she could do it – then why can’t we all?
Oprah not only built a school for girls in Africa, she built a school for WOMEN all over world.  A school that we attended in the privacy of our living rooms.  A school that grew each year as more and more women tuned in to her warmth, knowledge, strength, comfort and inspiration and found the courage to embody those same qualities in themselves.  She taught us to connect to our spirit, reach for the stars and to never give up on our dreams. And she did it all with love. Who else can claim that?
So all you Oprah naysayers out there – I say this to you: It’s okay to be scared. Feel the fear and move through it.  We’ll be there for you, hold you against our breasts (Oh, now you’re listening!) and assist you through this transition.
Because whether you like it or not – Women are rising up and we’ve only got one thing on our minds!!!
LOVE!!  (I know – scary!)
So thank you, Oprah, for empowering women to stand up and be WOMEN. Thank you for teaching us that through our love, we can make the world a better place.
We know you’ll still be around and we’ll see you on OWN. (Thank God!  I just can’t go cold turkey!) And if someday someone invents a TV where we can reach in and touch the people we love through the screen, (fingers crossed!), I promise to reach in and give you a big hug!
And then, I’ll hold onto your pant leg and never let you go.  Sorry—but it’s just the truth!  Isn’t that what you stand for????!!!!
Thank you, Oprah.  For 25 years of LOVE.  For 25 years of EMPOWERING WOMEN.  For 25 years of YOU.  Now take a break, woman!  You need to rest up for the next 25 years!
You have big shoes to fill.  Your OWN!
With Love, For the highest good…
xo, Christy Jacobs

2 thoughts on “Never Say Good-bye — No really, I mean that… I know where you live, Oprah!

  1. I just love the humor with which you write Christy! Thank you!!!

    Since I am a shoe lover myself (although I call myself a shoe whore)…I think the men got it right….It is the shoes!!! She reflected back to me my love of shoes (among many other aspects of myself)!!! After all, in a great pair of shoes all is possible!!!

    Love (xxxooo),

  2. You verbalized how I have been feeling so well. I too have been wishing there were some way I could grab Ms. O’s pantleg and keep her from leaving me. She has been such an inspiration to me and so many other women. She is the epitome of a strong, vibrant, uber intellegent woman. Unfortunately, these qualities threaten many others, who don’t know how to handle such a woman. She has paved the way and made me want to be a better person. People don’t get it. The hubs doesn’t get it. But it doesn’t matter because I get it. I still haven’t watched the last episode. I know once I do, it will really be over and I’m not ready to let her go yet. I have been tempted to write a super stalker email to tell her just that, but as of yet I refrain. For now, I avoid. Because we all know that if I don’t watch the end, it doesn’t happen. Right? Good job Christy!

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