What You Think of Me is None of My Business

“What you think of me is none of my business.”  Huh?  But I thought… I’ve lived my whole life…

Yes, I know, this concept was hard for me to accept at first too.  So many of us seek approval, love, and acceptance OUTSIDE ourSELVES — wanting, needing, hoping, PRAYING everyone ELSE will make us feel okay.

This is dangerous.  Why?  Because when we do this, we give our power away.

The truth is — other people’s “opinions” are just reflections of their own consciousness, not yours.   Please stop trying so desperately to get other people to approve of YOU and your life.  You are loved.  You are supported.  You are enough.

The next time someone verbally, psychically, emotionally or, God-forbid, physically attacks you– remember this: IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU.  IT’S ABOUT THEM.  Never allow anyone’s negative projections to bring you down or hurt you.  It’s not personal.

Now, on the flip side (there’s always a catch, right?), if their feedback is coming from a loving place and it RESONATES with you– by all means — take it!  I’m not referring to people who love and support you and want to lift you up.  Then again, even their feedback may not resonate with your heart and soul.  YOU decide.

So whenever you find someone giving you advice (me included!!!), please go within and check with yourSELF.  How does the feedback feel inside of you?  Does it resonate as truth?  Is it coming from a place of LOVE or FEAR?  Only YOU can answer this.  You know what is best for you in your heart.  Take stock, consider what feels like truth, and release the rest.

Trust your vibes.  Trust your inner guidance.  Trust yourSELF.

With Love, for the highest good…

xo, Christy Jacobs

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