Are you there, Heart? It’s me, Christy

Conversation Hearts copy“Heart, where are you now?”

This is the question that was posed by Mastin Kipp and Jenna Hall at The Daily Love’s “Enter the Heart” Love and Relationship Workshop this weekend.  The idea is to connect to your heart and actually have a conversation with it.  Seems easy enough, right?  We do that all the time, right?  Well, maybe not…

What I learned is that we “think” we connect to our heart and follow it all the time.  The problem is — we “THINK” we’re asking our heart.  But are we really asking our head?

All these years I believed I’d been following my heart.   I thought following my heart meant that if I loved someone I should continue to be with that person no matter what.  I was “IN LOVE” and love comes from my heart.  But at what cost?  The cost of my self-worth, self-love, self-acceptance and most of all, the cost of my heart?  I didn’t totally get the difference until Mastin asked us to “speak” to our heart, directly.

I was so surprised at the message I received.

Me: “Heart, where are you now?”  Heart: “With (my ex).”  Me: “What?!”

I’d been in an on and off relationship with a man for years, but finally broke it off for good a year ago.  Then recently, I saw him on my birthday.  Innocent dinner?  I thought so.  Maybe not.

Me: “Heart, what do you have to say to me?”  Heart: “Stop.”  Me:  “Stop what?”  Heart: “Stop hurting me.”


So that’s what it means to follow your heart!  I never knew I could speak directly to my heart and get an answer.  And the reason I knew it was authentically my heart is because I “thought” my heart would tell me to go back.  I thought my heart would say, “I love him.  I miss him.  Go get him.”

You see, every time my heart would finally heal, my ex would call.  And my mind would say “Hey, I’m good.  I’m strong enough not to fall for this guy again.  I’m over him.”  But I had neglected to ask my heart what it had to say.  And each time I saw my ex it was like picking the scab off a freshly healed wound.  Ouch!
It seems my heart has had enough of the pain that my “addiction” to the cycle had caused and clearly wanted me to stop.  “Stop hurting me.”  Turns out, it was actually my ego that was attached to the relationship and afraid to let go.  It was my ego that continued to go back again and again, believing I didn’t deserve better.  All these years I’d been listening to my lower small self instead of connecting and truly listening to my heart.

Thank you, Heart.  I finally “get it.”

Our hearts are very wise.  They are our connection to our higher self, our connection to Spirit, God, the Universe.  If we listen to our heart, we can’t go wrong.  Our heads can convince us and coerce us into believing that we’re on the right path.  But most often, our head is motivated by lower vibrations — like fear and limiting beliefs.  Only the heart knows the truth.

Thank you, Mastin Kipp and Jenna Hall for re-introducing me to my Heart and for getting me to finally listen.

Here’s the funny thing.  I have recently been obsessed with Valentine’s Day “Conversation Hearts.”  You know, those yummy sweet hearts that have “messages” on them?  I have been craving them for the last three weeks.  Oh, Spirit — how you amaze me with your subtle messages.  “Conversation Hearts??”  Maybe my Higher Self was trying to give me the message to actually have a conversation with my heart?!  Well, message received.

“Nice to meet you, Heart.  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

When was the last time you truly had a conversation with your heart?

With Love for the highest good,

Christy Jacobs